Internal rules, conditions and terms of cancellation.

Dear guests,

In the coming months and until the end of the COVID-19 emergency, the services of Relais Rantegosa will be partially modified in order to comply with the safety guidelines provided by the government.

For the same reason, we ask you to cooperate as much as possible to comply with what has been requested, in order to guarantee everyone a peaceful and safe stay.

  1. On your arrival, your body temperature can be checked with a thermo scanner: if the temperature exceeds 37.5°, you will not be able to access the premises.
  1. Guests must always wear their protective mask in the common areas, while staff are required to use the mask when in the presence of guests and whenever it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.
  1. Hand hygiene systems with hydro-alcoholic solutions are located in different areas within the structure: in the entrance hall, in the breakfast room, in the corridor leading to the rooms. We encourage everyone to use them frequently.
  1. We kindly ask you to keep the interpersonal distance of at least one metre in all the common areas inside and outside the building, to facilitate the entry and exit of one person at a time from the rooms, not to stop more than necessary in the corridors and stairs.
  1. The use of the lift is limited to one passenger at a time with mask, unless these are members of the same family/travel group.
  1. We ask you, when possible, to make the payment of your stay through electronic systems – with the exception of the tourist tax, for which we can only accept cash. In this regard, in order to limit any further contact, we would be grateful if you would kindly prepare the exact amount.
  1. Breakfast, which is served at the table, must be ordered by the previous evening through the menus to be filled in provided at the reception, also indicating the time you want to be served. You must always wear the mask, except when you are sitting at your table. 
Only the capsule coffee machine and tea kettle are available for self-service and will be sanitized frequently by the staff. The tables will be distributed between the breakfast room and the outdoor spaces in order to facilitate the interpersonal distance between the guests of the different rooms.
  1. We will perform more frequent cleaning and sanitation in all rooms and surfaces, we kindly ask you to cooperate by disposing of your masks, personal protective equipment and other waste in the appropriate containers arranged in the structure, begging you not to leave them around the Relais or the garden. We also ask you to allow us access to your room at least every other day to carry out more thorough cleaning and sanitation.
  1. At Relais Rantegosa we have always allowed our guests to receive friends and relatives in the common areas, with simple notice and verification of identity as required by law: even in this exceptional period will be possible, upon request in advance, verification of identity and body temperature on arrival and constant use of the mask. You can entertain with them in the outdoor spaces or in the common rooms, but only if it can be guaranteed through inter-personal distancing the safety and comfort of paying guests, who have priority over the use of these spaces, outdoor equipment and swimming pool. Your guests will not have access to the room floor and your room for any reason.
  2. If a guest presents symptoms of respiratory and/or flu-like illnesses, it is mandatory to report it to the staff so that the necessary procedures can be carried out to protect all the occupants of the facility and the staff.
  3. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in expulsion from the property and the loss of the reservation without refund.
  4. The staff is committed to always maintain safety distances, the protective mask under all circumstances and to assist you in case of need. In addition, if you need a surgical mask, we will always be happy to offer you one free of charge.

If you have any doubts, if you need clarification or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you for your cooperation!

Relais Rantegosa Internal Regulations

We are pleased to welcome you to Relais Rantegosa, please read our Rules

1. Access to the structure

It is compulsory to notify the Management of entry and departure of persons, for legal records. Those who turn out to be non-regular commit a predicted offense punishable by law. Visitors also have the obligation to request permission to access the facility, they may be required to provide an identification document. It is also mandatory to communicate the arrival and departure times for the delivery and return of the keys.

2. Rules of behavior in the community

The behavior of the individual guest must be marked, in the relationships with the other guests and with the staff, to the observance of the fundamental norms of tolerance, respect and collaboration that guarantee the daily cohabitation. The guest is required to maintain the order and protection of the living environment in the common areas. It is necessary to respect the silence at night (22.00 – 08.30) and during the afternoon rest (1.00 pm – 4.00 pm). Use of the TV is allowed only at low volume.

It is forbidden to:

1) allocate to their particular use any part of the common areas, occupy them with furniture, tools and other objects or, in any case, prevent their use to other guests

2) keep animals not declared and approved at the time of booking

3) disturb the other guests

4) attend the premises for common use in pajamas, or at least with discarded clothes, not appropriate to the dignity of the guests and the House.

5) keep flammable materials, harmful or radioactive substances in the common areas and inside the rooms

6) throw or deposit garbage or waste out of the appropriate containers

7) throw materials into the drains that can obstruct the pipes

8) make changes to the premises and furniture

9) tamper with the systems: electric, hydraulic, air conditioning, heating, etc.

10) use any type of stove to prepare food or drink, use heat-producing equipment outside the equipment made available.

11) smoke inside the rooms or common areas inside the structure

12) keep weapons of any kind

13) keep and / or use drugs

14) light fires.

Guests are allowed to read the books in the house, provided they return them before departure, in equal condition.

3. Damages, defacing, loss / non-delivery of keys

In case of damage or defacing of the building, furniture, objects, appliances supplied, or loss or non-delivery of the keys before departure, the damage caused is paid by those who procured it. Payments of this kind are made in cash immediately.
The loss of key results in a fine of € 50.
It is also absolutely forbidden to enter the house wet and to sit on chairs and sofas with wet/dump clothes.
Any damage caused to the tapestries will be charged as indicated above.

4. Legal responsibilities

Anyone who causes damage to the building, furniture, objects and appliances supplied will be held legally responsible within the regulations in force. Theft and intentional damage are immediately reported to the authorities. Relais Rantegosa assumes no responsibility for values (money, jewelry, etc.) stored in guest quarters or in common areas.
The parking lot of the Relais is located within the walls of the Villa, but it is not guarded. We advise you to always lock the car and not to leave valuables inside, Relais Rantegosa does not assume responsibility in case of theft.

5. Arrivals and departures

The check-in can not take place before 14:30 and after 20:30 unless specifically authorized by the Management.

Relais Rantegosa does not offer 24-hour reception service; 

in order to organize the check-in, the customers are required to inform the Management with adequate advance notice of the time they wish to access the structure. if this does not happen, any inconvenience that may occur to the client will not be attributable to the structure.
The check-out must be done before 11.00 am on the day of departure, unless specifically authorized by the structure. The occupation of the room over check-out time requires prior agreement with the Management and will cost additional 50 €.
If the non-observance of the time indicated above determines the impossibility for new guests to access the room or the impossibility for the staff to carry out the cleaning, the consequent damages both economic and image for the structure will be completely attributable to those who do not respect this rule.check-in can not take place before 3.30 pm and after 8.00 pm unless specifically authorized by the Management.

6. Rates

For room prices refer to the maximum rates shown on the form displayed inside the structure.

Rates do not include the Tourist Tax applied by the Municipality of Chiavari (€ 1 per day per person, up to a maximum of 7 days and applicable from 01/03 to 31/10).

Rates include breakfast, unless otherwise agreed.

7. Conditions of stay

Confirmation of booking – at the time of booking is required a deposit of 50% of the total amount due. The reservation is considered confirmed upon receipt of the deposit or proof of payment (transfer accountant), following which Relais Rantegosa undertakes to reserve the rooms requested for the dates requested (confirmation by e-mail is always valid) .

Payments (Advances and balances) – At the time of booking, the deposit must be paid in a manner to be agreed within 3 working days. After this deadline – and in the absence of further communications from the customer – the reservation will be canceled automatically.

The balance of the stay must be paid upon arrival.

Reservations and cancellations will be valid once confirmed in writing by the Management to the customer.

Occupation of the rooms – with the exception of the suite (Yellow Room), which can accommodate up to four people, the rooms of the Relais can accommodate up to two people each. There is no possibility of extra beds, cots, camp beds, inflatable mattresses or similar. We accept children ONLY from 12 years of age, no exceptions will be allowed. We accept pets according to the relative internal regulations.

8. Cancellations and changes of reservation

1) From the moment of booking by the Customer, Relais Rantegosa undertakes to reserve the rooms requested for the requested dates (confirmation by e-mail is valid).

2) The Customer has the right to cancel his reservation without any charge up to two days before his arrival at the Relais.

3) For cancellations or reductions communicated below 48h before the date of arrival, Relais Rantegosa will charge 1 night penalty. For reductions of the stay communicated within less than 48 hours notice from the departure, Relais Rantegosa will charge n ° 1 night penalty. 

4) Any booking or cancellation is considered valid once received confirmation by e-mail.

5) IN CASE OF NO-SHOW (if the guest does not show up without giving notice) THE ENTIRE ADVANCE WILL BE KEPT AS COMPENSATION.

8bis. Conditions for stays with “non-refundable” rate

The following conditions apply to stays with a NON REFUNDABLE rate:

1) The reservation is considered valid for 24 hours, within the expiry of which the TOTAL BALANCE of the stay must take place. After this deadline and in the absence of further communication from the customer, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

2) The reservation is for 2 people and includes breakfast and access to free services. 

3) In case of cancellation, changes or no-show, no refund will be given.
ONLY IN CASE THE CANCELLATION IS DUE TO LOCKDOWN, LIMITATIONS TO TOURIST TRAFFIC OR OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES DUE TO THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY, and therefore not dependent on the will of Relais Rantegosa, will be offered as compensation a voucher of value equal to what was spent, usable by the end of 2022.

4) For all that is not indicated, the general conditions apply.

9. Safety Regulations

Whenever the guests leave their room, for safety and energy saving reasons, they must turn off air conditioning, lights in the room, TV and any other electrical device unless specifically authorized by the Management.
It is strictly forbidden to enter the house wet and / or barefoot, to go barefoot inside of the house, to run or climb on plants or furnishings. Relais Rantegosa does not assume any responsibility in case of damage to things or people resulting from the improper use of the swimming pool, furnishings and structure in general.

In order to guarantee a peaceful stay for all guests, the Management is authorized to remove those who do not respect the rules of the above mentioned regulation.

For any complaints and / or information, contact the Management.

10. Linen and cleaning

The cleaning of the rooms is carried out daily between 11:00 and 12:00, the rooms occupied during this time will not be rearranged. Guests staying for a short time may request the room not to be tidied up every day, but must allow access for waste removal at least every two days. Guests with pets must allow the rooms to be cleaned at least every two days.

The rooms are equipped with towels and sheets with replacement every 4 days for reasons of energy saving and respect for the environment, but the guest can ask for a free replacement every two days for sheets, daily for towels. It is possible to ask for daily replacement of the sheets at the extra cost of 5€ .

No beach/pool towels are provided.

11. Other

Guests are allowed to walk only in the perimeter of the appurtenant garden, in the parking lot and in the path to and from the entrance gate. It is forbidden to enter the private properties of the other condominiums of Villa Bombrini.
Each room has one (1) reserved parking space in the appurtenant square. In case of arrival with multiple means of transport, the possibility of parking them all on the property is not guaranteed.